Reasons to Hire Spill Response Services to Clean a Commercial Parking Lot

Reasons to Hire Spill Response Services to Clean a Commercial Parking Lot

Reasons to Hire Spill Response Services to Clean a Commercial Parking Lot

1 July 2021
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Commercial properties with parking lots are attractive to businesses because of the convenience they offer customers. For instance, shoppers would prefer to shop in a mall with a parking lot than in one without. Of course, a clean parking lot is an added advantage; therefore, a property manager must hire professional car park cleaning services. This article highlights the benefits of hiring spill response services for cleaning a commercial parking lot.

Ensure a Safe Parking Lot 

Commercial parking lots have ample spaces, but they can be a safety concern if oil, grease and fuel spills are left unattended. To the average person, the spills do not pose a danger because they mainly cover small spots. However, nothing could be further from the truth because oil and fuel spills are still flammable even when dry. Therefore, they must be cleaned off a parking lot's surface to prevent severe accidents. For instance, if you throw a cigarette butt to an oil spill under a car, the chances are high that the vehicle will catch fire. Moreover, a pedestrian can easily slip when they step on an oil spill and sustain serious injuries. Professional spill response services thoroughly clean spills off a parking lot's surface, ensuring safety at all times.

Durable Parking Lot

An outdoor parking lot is exposed to the elements daily, and lack of proper maintenance can lead to premature deterioration. Notably, loose pebbles, twigs and oil spills can accelerate parking lot deterioration. For example, driving over loose gravel gradually causes damage to the upper layer and leads to fissures, cracks and potholes. Moreover, parking lots readily absorb oil and fuel spills, affecting the base and the sub-base. When it happens, you have to strip affected spots and make the necessary repairs. Car park cleaning services make parking lots durable by eliminating debris and oil spills, which can damage the surface.

Keep Operation Cost Low

Parking lot maintenance costs money because you must hire the right people. Sadly, some property owners think that cleaning a parking lot less helps save money. Unfortunately, it is not the case because poor parking lot maintenance is costly in the long run. Notably, you will be dealing with repairs every few months, and you might have to excavate severely damaged sections. Besides, a poorly maintained parking lot is a safety hazard and exposes owners to costly legal issues because and compensation claims. Spill response services help keep operational costs as low as possible by preventing premature damage and ensuring that a parking lot is safe for users.

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