How a Cleaning Service Can Remove Mould

How a Cleaning Service Can Remove Mould

How a Cleaning Service Can Remove Mould

3 November 2021
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Many people opt to clean their homes regularly to minimise the number of harmful substances that are released into the atmosphere. If you have an unfortunate incident of mould growth in your home, there are many options available for you that will deal with this issue. One method is to contact a reputable and experienced cleaning service that will remove all traces of mould and other harmful toxins from your property. Read on to find out more about how they will achieve this.

Bleach mixtures

Cleaning services tend to begin with a bleach mixture before getting down to the more intensive cleaning methods. The bleach mixture will kill any mould spores that are currently active in the home. The mixture is created by creating a solution of bleach diluted with warm water. This mixture is then used to wipe all areas of the home that need cleaning. The surfaces are wiped with a cloth rather than sprayed, as this will help to reduce the amount of bleach residue left on the surface after cleaning.

Stiff brushes

Next, a cleaning service will use stiff brushes to scrub away any residue leftover from the bleach mixture. The most effective brushes are the ones that have been specially designed for this work, rather than traditional household cleaning products. If the mould persists, the cleaning contractor will work to break down the mould and prepare it for more intensive cleaning.

Jet washing

Jet washing is the more intensive alternative to bleach-based cleaning methods. This technique involves using a high-pressure hose and a special tank to spray the mould and its spores with water. This type of cleaning allows for a more thorough removal of mould residues and can be repeated several times at different areas of the home if the residue has not been completely removed.

Water rinses

The next step in the cleaning process is typically to rinse the area with water. This may be repeated several times to ensure that all traces of bleach and other harmful chemicals are removed from your home. Finally, the surfaces will be wiped down and dried. The contractor may give you advice on how to reduce moisture in the area to prevent future mould growth.

If you would like to find out more about mould removal, you should make contact with a local cleaning service today. A contractor will be happy to offer you further help and assistance in dealing with mould in your home.

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