Recommendations For A Clean Home Carpet With The Right Cleanup Process

Recommendations For A Clean Home Carpet With The Right Cleanup Process

Recommendations For A Clean Home Carpet With The Right Cleanup Process

24 May 2021
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Home carpets get a lot of use and abuse, which can make them a prime target for dirt collection, stains and bad odours. However, as a homeowner, with the right cleaning process, you can keep your carpets clean and remove dirt buildup and stains from your carpet to restore them. The following are some recommendations to keep your carpet clean with some maintenance tips.

Clean With Steam Extraction

When your carpets get dirty, it is recommended to clean them with a professional cleaning service regularly to protect them and keep your home's interior free of dirt. Stains, odours and dust and dirt can settle into your carpets. However, before you clean them with a steam extraction or shampoo method, be sure you vacuum them well to pull up any loose debris. Otherwise, you will put more work into the carpet cleaning process than necessary, and you may not get as good a result if you had vacuumed them first.

An at-home carpet cleaner is a good option to clean up spots and accidental stains that happen to your carpet periodically but arrange for professional carpet cleaning for all-over cleaning. A professional carpet service will have a high-powered cleaning and extraction system to lift up any excess moisture from the carpets, along with the cleaning solution and all the dirt. If you do your own full home carpet cleaning, you may leave behind moisture and also cleaning solution, which will further attract more dirt.

Clean With a Dry Method

There may be times when you don't want to use a carpet cleaning process containing water to clean your carpets. There may be several reasons for this. For example, you may not have time to allow your carpets to dry fully before you need to use them, especially if your home is busy with pets and family members. You may also live in a climate that is humid, or the weather already has put a great deal of humidity into the air and you don't want to risk the excess moisture causing mould or mildew growth. Or, your carpets may not tolerate water cleaning methods, so you can opt for a dry cleaning method.

During a carpet dry cleaning process, your professional cleaner will apply a dry compound mixture or polymers onto your carpets, which attract and hold onto any dirt and dust. Then, the professional will lift up the cleaning compounds with a suction or extraction process, which pulls up the dirt as well. Once this process has been completed, your carpets are going to be clean and dry and ready for you to continue using them in your home.

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