Top Tips for Cleaning Woven Fabric Couches

Top Tips for Cleaning Woven Fabric Couches

Top Tips for Cleaning Woven Fabric Couches

20 April 2021
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In addition to making your living room comfortable, couches enhance your style. However, if you think of the number of times you lay, sit, or even stand on your couch, it is easy to understand why the seats are exposed to fast wear and tear. Therefore, careful and constant cleaning is crucial. The cleaning part often proves to be a nightmare for most apartment dwellers, especially couches with bright woven fabrics such as cotton and linen. However, it should not be the case if you know what you are doing. This article highlights tips for cleaning fabric couches. 

Brush Up

The first step to cleaning a woven upholstery couch is brushing loose dirt, which might include food crumbs, soil, and fingernails, among others. Choose a soft brush to avoid damaging upholstery fibres; however, it should be hard enough to remove lodged debris. You do not have to use excessive force when brushing away loose dirt because you will follow up the step with vacuuming. Additionally, brush along the grains of a couch material using even, brief, and straight movements. It leaves the fibres in good condition and prolongs the longevity of a couch.


Woven upholstery fabrics are different because they feature weave spaces. Although you can get away with simply brushing and wiping materials such as leather, the same approach does not work for woven fabrics. The reason is that dirt and debris can easily get lodged between the fibres, making them difficult to clean. Therefore, you must vacuum a woven fabric couch during every cleaning session. Vacuuming helps dislodge trapped debris stuck between fibres. Most importantly, use minimal suction force during vacuuming to prevent damaging woven threads. Remember to vacuum a couch once more after drying.

Change Microfibre Cloth

Once you have vacuumed a couch, it is time to use a steam cleaner. The gadget is excellent for woven fabrics because it is a form of dry-cleaning technique. If you use wet methods to clean your sofa, you might be forced to wait a day or two before the seat dries completely. Notably, a quality steam cleaner comes with a microfibre cloth that helps pick up debris during cleaning. However, you must change the cloth severally during steam cleaning to get rid of all the dirt on your couch. The best part is that you can shampoo a woven fabric couch using a steam cleaner for deeper cleaning.

To learn more, contact an upholstery cleaning service in your area.

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