3 Key Benefits of Fogging During Biohazard Cleaning

3 Key Benefits of Fogging During Biohazard Cleaning

3 Key Benefits of Fogging During Biohazard Cleaning

2 March 2021
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Body fluids, like blood, fecal matter and urine, fall in the biohazard category since they carry dangerous viruses and pathogens, which pose a significant health risk. Thus, biohazard cleaning is crucial to ensuring safe decontamination following an accident. One essential component of biohazard cleaning is fogging, which involves spraying tiny disinfectant droplets over a contaminated area. This article highlights the benefits of fogging compared to other biohazard disinfection techniques.  

Disinfect Hard-to-Reach Areas

When an accident involving body fluids or other biohazard waste happens, waste is scattered all over the space. It could be under tables, inside door hinges, between staircase planks, and other hard-to-reach areas. Merely relying on traditional cleaning methods that involve rags does not get the job done well. Moreover, it takes ages looking for and cleaning biohazard material in hidden spaces. Since fogging involves spraying minuscule disinfectant droplets into the air, it is easy to deal with hard-to-reach areas. The tiny droplets settle on every possible surface in an affected area, ensuring maximum disinfection. Most importantly, fogging requires a specific duration for a disinfectant to work effectively. 


The amount of time cervices take to clean and disinfect in a contaminated space depends on the amount of biohazard material involved and the size of the affected area. Typically, small areas take a shorter time compared to large areas. Similarly, a significant amount of biohazard waste requires thorough cleaning, taking longer to implement. For instance, incidents like car accidents, where blood is spilled over a large area, often take more time to clean up. In such cases, fogging is a time saver because cleaning services can disinfect the affected area within the shortest time possible. It is particularly advantageous for cleaning public spaces where minimal disruption is essential. 

Treats the Air

Infectious pathogens are found on surfaces or in the air. Unfortunately, conventional cleaning methods do not consider air quality since they focus on disinfecting biohazard materials on surfaces rather than in the air. Although the air might be free of any serious infectious pathogens, it is naïve to make such an assumption. The advantage of fogging is that cleaning services do not have to think hard about disinfecting the air. Disinfectant droplets automatically do it before pathogens can settle on surfaces in the affected space. Most importantly, biohazard cleaning services must deodorise an area after fogging to ensure that the air is fresh and free of disinfectant odour.

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