Which Services Can You Expect from an Office Cleaning Company?

Which Services Can You Expect from an Office Cleaning Company?

Which Services Can You Expect from an Office Cleaning Company?

23 December 2020
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Offices need regular cleaning to maintain a safe and conducive environment for their staff and clients. Over 30,000 businesses provide the much-needed commercial cleaning services for offices across Australia. Hiring professional office cleaning services will keep your premises free of dust, allergens, bacteria, mould and other air contaminants. Office cleaning firms offer both regular and specialty services that include:

Carpet Cleaning

Most modern offices are carpeted to enhance the professional appeal. Over time, the carpets in your establishment will accumulate spills, stains, grime and dust. Carpets can also notoriously become breeding grounds for pests and pathogens.

An office cleaning company will thoroughly clean your carpets and leave them looking great. You can look forward to an enhanced company image and prolonged use of your establishment's carpets.  


An office cleaning company will clean all areas where bacteria collect to keep your employees safe. Office equipment can harbour debris, grime and pests and become breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria and disease. Professionals will clean the top and underside of all surfaces, sanitise electronics with suitable chemicals and clean walls and drains.

The office cleaning company will also clean and sanitise the sinks in the break room and disinfect the counters and tables. Restrooms harbour many germs, and it's crucial to hire office cleaning services to disinfect the sinks, hand dryers, toilets and towel dispensers.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning services have become more popular as companies strive to protect the health of their staff. The chemicals in commercial cleaners have been linked to adverse effects, ranging from itchy skin to respiratory problems.

When you sign up for green cleaning, you can be confident that the office cleaning company will use safe and natural ingredients. These eco-friendly products will improve your office's air quality and reduce the number of sick days your staff takes.

Post-Construction Cleaning

As exciting as renovations are, they'll leave behind a den of dust and stuff lying around your office. In such cases, your premises will need a deep clean before you can enjoy the upgrades.

Hiring an office cleaning firm will remove dust from all nooks and crannies before they can irritate your employees. The professionals will clean up after the construction workers and help you return to normal operations within a short time.

Glass Cleaning

Keeping your windows and glass doors streak-free will boost your office's image and appeal. If you notice greasy fingerprints all over the glass doors in your office, it's time to call in an expert office cleaner for glass cleaning services. The cleaners will clean both sides of your office windows for brighter interiors. An office cleaning company will also clean the dirt that accumulates in window sills to promote the durability of the glass.

Contact a local office cleaning service to learn more.

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