4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Water Damage

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Water Damage

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Water Damage

14 October 2020
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The effects of water damage last way after the leak or flood is stopped. While it may seem like you've evaded the worst of it, these effects hit harder than the leaks. The effects of water damage affect you in various ways, including your financial, health and emotional wellness. What do you do if you have water damage? First, you will need to call for cleaning services before you consider rebuilding and restoration. This step by step action will help protect you from dealing with a much more difficult situation. Continue reading for four reasons why you should never ignore water damage.

Risking Your House's Structural Integrity

Water damage may compromise your house's structural integrity. If the water has penetrated your roof, it causes it to weaken, and if left unattended, you can expect it to rot and collapse. The same case goes for your floors. If the water soaks up in your floor, especially if you have timber flooring, it may start to rot and, eventually, fall apart. If the water has penetrated your walls, you may notice the signs of rusty or stained walls. Call in the experts as soon as you can to prevent the walls from continuing to rot. 

Destruction of Appliances

If the water damage has affected your walls, it may compromise your home's electrical wiring. Your wiring may have dried out once the water stopped flowing while continuing to rust long afterwards. Electrical problems are among the leading causes of home fires. The last thing you need is for your electrical wiring to act up and destroy your appliances or, worse, burn down your home.

Mouldy and Musty Smell

As you know, the presence of increased humidity fosters the growth of mould and mildew. If your house has suffered water damage, you may start to experience heavy humidity in your home, accompanied by a musty smell, resembling that of wet cardboard. The growth of mould in your house is dangerous for the occupants as it may cause serious respiratory illnesses. It could also be irritating to people with allergies. 

Reduced Property Value

If your house suffers water damage and you fail to act on it immediately, you're slowly reducing the value of your home. In addition to your house becoming slowly inhabitable, along with the growing risk of collapse due to rotting walls and floors, you may have a hard time getting it off your hands. No potential buyer wants to buy a house that's clearly on the verge of collapse.

While fixing water damage may be a cost-intensive process, it's far much better done immediately than waiting it out. Protect your home by taking care of the effects of water damage as soon as you notice them.

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