How Do You Go About Pet Urine Rug Treatment?

How Do You Go About Pet Urine Rug Treatment?

How Do You Go About Pet Urine Rug Treatment?

4 September 2020
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If you have a pet that runs free in your house, especially a puppy that has not been trained yet, he or she might pee/urinate on your rug. Other than the smell, pet urine can cause a stubborn stain if not cleaned immediately.

Sometimes, you might not even be aware that your pet urinated on your rug, which means the urine may sit for hours soaking into your rug. How, therefore, do you clean or treat your rug?

If You Get to The Rug On Time

This means that you are present at the time your pet is helping him or herself on your rug. Let your pet finish to avoid getting urine on other items as you are trying to carry him or her to his or her litter pan.

Dab the area with a dry cloth to get rid of excess urine that could spill or drip, then take the rug to your laundry room to soak it in plain water. Don't put any detergents in because you might not know the detergents that might damage your rug. Check with your rug's manufacture on how to clean it and what to use. In most circumstances, there is a tag on the rug with symbols of the dos and don'ts during cleaning.

If You Did Not Get to the Rug On Time

This means that the urine had enough time to soak and stain your rug. You might need professional help; call a pet urine rug treatment specialist as soon as you notice the urine on the rug. He or she is in a position to give you instructions after asking you several questions. Expect to be asked what material the rug is made of (cotton, wool, synthetic, silk, etc.), how long you think the urine has been soaking in your rug, whether there is a smell, whether there is discolouration, whether it is still wet, etc.

Based on your answers, you will be guided on what to do before taking the rug to the pet urine rug cleaning and treatment specialist. The specialist can also ask you to take the rug to him or her without doing anything to it.

How Does the Specialist Clean and Treat Your Rug?

He or she must first analyse your rug to identify its material composition and fibres. The specialist then inspects the stain or urine patch to identify what treatment options and detergents to use to remove the stain and also leave your rug undamaged.

For more information on pet urine rug treatment, reach out to a local cleaning service.

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