Why A Yearly Pressure Washing Is So Important For Your Home And Business

Why A Yearly Pressure Washing Is So Important For Your Home And Business

Why A Yearly Pressure Washing Is So Important For Your Home And Business

9 June 2020
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Pressure washing is a great way to turn old, decrepit-looking surfaces into a mirror image of when they were brand-new. The difference really is astonishing, but many people find it hard to justify the cost of this service. After all, it is purely cosmetic, right? The answer may surprise you, as pressure washing your home or business regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should put a yearly pressure washing in your calendar.

Identify Weak Points

Grime, dirt and fading colours can all obscure what can be quite significant faults in the structure of your home or business. Cracks can often be completely hidden by dirt and dust, and if the structural faults are on your roof, then often branches, twigs and leaves will cover up the broken tiles or asphalt. Pressure washing not only makes your home and business look good, but in the process, it also uncovers the sinister problems that may be lurking just below. Without pressure washing to show you the truth, it could be months before you realise anything is amiss, and by then the problem could have grown tenfold. 


While dirt is unappealing on its own, for most people a dirty roof or facade is usually not enough of a cause to get pressure washing. What you don't know is that often dirt acts as an entry point for structural faults going forward. Dirt and grime are corrosive and will rub away at the protective sealants and paint over time. This exposes the raw material to rain, hail and sun, something that it is not equipped to deal with. Pressure washing once a year prevents this prolonged build-up of dirt that can cause erosion. 

Property Value

Aesthetic value might not mean much to you right now, but a clean home does have real, tangible value. Not only does it look new, but it shows that the owners care for the property. Often potential buyers will ask if a home has had renovations done because of how new the pressure-washed areas look. It is not just the roof and walls either, as many pressure washing companies will clean the driveway and any other surfaces that are strong enough to withstand the heat and force of their cleaning machines. This is particularly useful for businesses, as they often need to have their outdoor signs cleaned from years of being exposed to nature. 

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