Reasons for Using Hydro Excavation on Commercial Construction Projects

Reasons for Using Hydro Excavation on Commercial Construction Projects

Reasons for Using Hydro Excavation on Commercial Construction Projects

30 March 2020
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If you are starting a construction project, the first thing you think about is excavation. There are a variety of methods available to you. Commercial hydro excavation is one. Here are four reasons why you should consider hydro excavation for your project.


Construction work is often dangerous. When digging holes manually, workers can easily fall in or harm themselves or their colleagues. They could also cut into utility lies and get severely injured. When using digging machinery such as backhoes, there is still a risk of injury. Hydro excavation poses almost no threat to the safety of your workers. You will also need fewer people. It is often riskier when a lot of people are engaged in the same task. A smaller group of workers is easier to manage.  


Many factors affect your profit margin. The project time is a crucial factor. With hydro excavation, you spend less time on digging because it is fast and efficient. Since there is little risk of damaging utility lines, you will not have to stop to get utility lines fixed. You will also require a smaller crew as compared to traditional excavation methods. That will also help save you money. 

Hydro excavation is effective against difficult soils including frozen soils. Hiring an experienced hydro excavation services provider will mean that you save money and therefore turn over a higher profit.  


Hydro excavation is good for the environment. This excavation method targets the excavation area without disrupting surrounding soil. Unlike traditional methods that create heaps of earth and mud around the dig site, a vacuum sucks up all material for disposal elsewhere. 

In case it rains during the dig, there are no soil heaps for runoff to carry off into drains. Blocked drains can be a big problem, especially in a densely populated area. They could also lead to hefty fines. 

Limits Damage 

Unlike traditional excavation methods, hydro excavation is precise. With manual digging and using a backhoe, you often have to backfill at the end of a project. Sometimes the digging will damage the utility lines. When using hydro excavation, there is no damage. When laying pipes, hydro excavation ensures that they are safe. You need not fear that they may crack or get damaged any other way.  


Commercial hydro excavation will help you complete the work on your commercial building in record time. Ensure that you hire a licensed hydro excavation services provider.  

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