What You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Companies

What You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Companies

What You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Companies

23 March 2020
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If not cleaned regularly, carpets can harbour dirt, pollen, germs, contaminants or bacteria that can easily cause health problems. You need to ensure you have them properly and correctly cleaned, especially if you have children and pets. Before contacting a carpet cleaning company, you should be aware of a few things to help you know what to expect and what you should be looking for.

Carpet Material

Identify the material your carpet is made from; the fabric can be polyester, wool, cotton, nylon, etc. Each of these materials needs to be cleaned differently, and that is why you should look for a carpet cleaning company that specifies the carpet material it specialises in cleaning. Such a company has done its research on the particular material and knows what cleaning methods won't destroy it.

Detergents Used

Always ask about the detergents used by a cleaning company to prevent any respiratory allergies or skin irritations. The detergents should also be eco-friendly to avoid causing harm to the environment.

If you examine your carpet, you will notice that the manufacturer has left some instructions on how the carpet should be cleaned. Some of these instructions are in the shape of symbols that have a phrase below or beside them. For example, you can find phrases like do not machine wash, do not use detergents, do not iron, etc. Does the cleaning company follow these instructions?

What Types of Cleaning Equipment Does the Carpet Cleaning Company Have?

A carpet cleaning company that owns a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment is a good sign because it means it has catered for different carpets materials, designs, shapes and sizes. The pieces of equipment should be current to ensure they conform to the latest models developed to enhance better cleaning.

Pick, Clean and Drop Service

Does the carpet cleaning company offer pick, clean and drop services? That is, can the cleaning company visit your premises, collect the dirty carpet, get it cleaned and get it back to you dry? If you are busy, you might find such a service convenient. You can still opt to take your carpet to the cleaning company if you have some time.


Does the carpet cleaning company give you any advice about maintaining your carpet and what you should do regularly to prevent it from getting dirty? This is a good sign that indicates the carpet cleaning company wants the best for you and knows what it is doing.

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