In-house vs. Outsourced Office Cleaning Services

In-house vs. Outsourced Office Cleaning Services

In-house vs. Outsourced Office Cleaning Services

12 March 2020
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Your customers and employees need a clean and sanitary space for your business to thrive. You don't expect return customers or clients if your office space is a health hazard. To prevent a mass exodus of clients, you need to maintain a sanitary space where everyone feels contented. You can clean the office, hire an in-house cleaning team or outsource the cleaning services. Which of these options is better?

Office cleaning

While it's cost-effective to clean your office space, it's not suitable for a large company. Cleaning is tiresome and requesting your employees to clean their office spaces after work is an additional burden. Most of the employees will be adamant to pick up the rag and clean. However, this method is only suitable for really small businesses.

In-house cleaning services

In-house office cleaning services is another viable option as it offers the most flexibility. It also offers a sense of security as the owners know each of the cleaners. This is better than having random people in uniforms walking in and out your office spaces as they please.

The in-house cleaners are familiar with the space and know if certain areas need special office-cleaning equipment. The employees are part of the company and understand the working culture, unlike outsourced staff.  

Also, having an in-house team gives you control over the cleaning process. You develop a system that works, and you have control over each operation.

Outsourced cleaning services

Outsourcing your cleaning is another option that will help reduce your workload and enhance overall service while reducing operating costs. You save your company money and time that would have been spent recruiting cleaning staff, screening, hiring, training, etc. There is so much effort and resources that go into hiring new employees. Fortunately, you can bypass all these processes by outsourcing the cleaning services.

The staff have their own cleaning equipment, unlike an in-house team that requires you to buy the cleaning equipment. The hiring and firing process is left to the company in case there are few changes in budgetary allocations. The office cleaning company also performs supervision as opposed to one of your employees.


They all offer the same cleaning service, and it's all about preference. If you're more concerned with security, then choose an in-house team. If you prefer a professional cleaning service that is trained according to standards and has their own equipment, then outsource the service. Outsourcing the service has more advantages in terms of cost.

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