Top Reasons Pet Owners Should Opt for Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Top Reasons Pet Owners Should Opt for Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Top Reasons Pet Owners Should Opt for Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

7 November 2019
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According to recent statistics by RSPCA, approximately 62% of Australians own a pet, making Australia one of the nations with the highest pet ownership rates in the world. That said, pets can be a handful, especially for households that have a carpet. While you can easily remove carpet stains from sources such as food or dirty shoes, steam cleaning is the perfect way to take care of stubborn stains left behind by pets. This article highlights the top reasons why pet owners need carpet steam cleaning services.  

Effective in Killing Germs/Pests

Pet stains, especially from urine or excrement, harbour all manner of germs. While you can wash your carpet and remove the stains with simple home detergents, the approach does not kill any bacteria; therefore, it poses a hygienic danger not only to your pet but also to the entire family. However, carpet steam cleaning combines both heat and effective detergents. Since the soaps used primarily target the stain, heat from steam kills the germs present in the carpet. Once the process is complete, you can rest assured that all the bacteria and pests present in the rug before steam cleaning are eliminated. Consequently, your pets, as well as family members, can freely lay on the carpet without worrying about inhaling dangerous microorganisms.

Eco- and Pet-Friendly 

Although some carpet cleaning detergents are considered eco-friendly, it can be difficult to ascertain these claims unless you are buying the soap from a reputable store. However, the eco-friendly detergents are usually expensive, and that might explain why most customers make the mistake of going for cheaper alternatives. If you use such detergents on your carpet, then your pet will likely suffer the side effects of the constituent chemicals. Since carpet steam cleaning primarily uses steam, you don't have to worry about the service provider using dangerous detergents. If the service provider uses a detergent with steam, the high temperatures ensure no traces of the detergent remain in the carpet's fabric.  

Prolongs Life of Carpet

Pet owners understand that pets can be playful with anything, including the carpet. From digging their claws in the carpet fabric to chewing the fibres, there is no shortage of pet behaviour that undermines the life of your carpet. Therefore, since stains and dirt weaken carpet fibres thorough deep cleaning is necessary to protect the fibres. It is only possible with deep steam cleaning since a service provider ensures the integrity of each strand of thread is protected. That way, even if your pet pulls on the carpet, the fibres will still hold.

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